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4 Games That Pushed The Boundaries of Video Games

Visual effects are among the most important factors of ultra-realistic video games. These effects bring the immersion aspect to every of them. Visuals cooperate with gameplay creating a tandem for new technological boost. 

However, if we look back we will observe that the industry of video gaming did not use to pay a lot of attention to profound improvements in precision in a year or a couple of them. At the same time, some games of those years were designed so well with advanced graphics and special effects, so it is difficult to catch up with how it was possible. There are plenty of such titles that are very similar to modern gaming representatives. We want to present you with four of them.

donkey kong

Donkey Kong Country – SNES

If you are looking for a retro but marvel-graphic video game you can try Donkey Kong Country. In this game, the main designer had made a decision to use pre-rendered visuals and found an option for compressing sprites. As a result, this game impresses with its sprites which are definitely one of the best-pre-rendered graphics. In addition, we want to mention that Donkey Kong Country is similar to PlayStation games even more than to Super Nintendo.

super mario 64

Super Mario 64 – N64

We can definitely say that Super Mario 64 is one of the games with perfect visuals. This game has outstanding and artistic graphics, and these were all in 1996. 

How was it possible to create such a unique gaming representative in that year? Actually, the answer is very simple. The creative team used the graphical options of the Nintendo 64 and numerous 3D platforms. What is interesting, the 3D technology is so popular nowadays. You can find it even by visiting respectable casino online in Australia

far cry 1

Far Cry – PC

As no surprise, foliage, and greenery have been a huge difficulty for video gaming for many years. They were too fake or flat, so they even broke the factor of the immersion when your game hero was taken outside. 

Everything changed in 2004 with Far Cry. This game was full of the perfect island surrounding. Nowadays, we can compare the graphics of this game and modern gaming variants. They are similar enough, believe us.

Red dead 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Xbox Series X

Truly speaking, it is difficult to find such a video gamer who has never heard about this amazing game. Red Dead Redemption 2 appeared in 2018, and since that time it holds the title of one of the best-looking gaming activities. 

This incredible video game took a lot of time and money to develop. But it was worth it. The result of such a long development exceeded all expectations. This game has the realistic-looking environment of the Wild West. An accurate attitude toward every detail has brought endless opportunities for players finding new and new items to gush about.

RDR2 was a game with all the features of real life that was just replaced on device screens. We strongly believe that it will take ages while we will feel that this game feels dated.


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