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The Cherry Compact Gaming Keyboard

Well this is cute! The CHERRY XTRFY K5V2 Compact Gaming Keyboard aims to combine cutting-edge technology with sleek design, this compact keyboard redefines gaming peripherals.

Unveiling Innovation

CHERRY XTRFY, renowned for high-quality gaming gear, proudly introduces the K5V2 keyboard featuring the groundbreaking MX2A switches. Unveiled at gamescom LAN in Cologne, the K5V2 is now available to gamers worldwide.

cherry keyboard

Compact Yet Powerful

With a footprint of just 65% of a conventional keyboard, the K5V2 Compact Gaming Keyboard packs a punch. Available in both black and transparent white, its compact design doesn’t compromise on quality or performance.

Build Your Own Gaming Experience

Customisation is key with the CHERRY XTRFY K5V2. Tailor your keyboard to suit your style via the CHERRY XTRFY online store. Choose from different layouts, switches, frames, keycaps, and cables to create a truly unique gaming setup.

Unmatched Quality and Performance

Despite its compact size, the K5V2 is built to last. Featuring a solid metal plate and double layer of sound-absorbing foam, this keyboard delivers a superior typing experience and pleasant sound. With 100% anti-ghosting and a polling rate of 1000 Hz, the K5V2 ensures smooth and precise gameplay.

cherry keyboard

The Power of MX2A Switches

At the heart of the K5V2 are the revolutionary MX2A switches. With premium-grade lubricant and innovative spring design, the MX2A switches offer smoother actuation and improved acoustics. Experience durability like never before, with over 100 million taps without any loss of quality.

Prices and Availability

The CHERRY XTRFY K5V2 Compact Gaming Keyboard will be available from 15th March 2024 in Black and Transparent White, starting at £119 and £128 respectively. Get ready to revolutionise your gaming setup!

The truth will be in the tasting! Expect a full review soon!

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