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Tech Review: Desire2 Home Office Haul

I recently discovered Desire2 and their array of handy home office / gaming room equipment. As such, I promptly ordered a haul of goodies to kit out my game dev room / home office. Desire2 is UK based and all of the items have that awesome brushed metal look or come in a simple black colour. So responsibly recycle those multi coloured plastic monstrosities and get that clean Apple look in everything from your headphones stand to your laptop risers.

I went for luxurious Laptop Lap Desk for when I want to make games either in the garden or when I want to sit with the family in the living room. A brushed chromed finished headphone stand and a selection of cable tidy nuggets.

laptop lap desk desire2

The Laptop Lap Desk

The Desire2 laptop lap desk is designed with comfort and practicality in mind, with its elegant looks with an ergonomic wrist support and ultra-comfy support pads underneath. The desk also includes a built-in vegan leather mouse pad and holders for your phone and/or tablet. The lap desk is designed for a 15 inch laptop and I tested it with both a Macbook Air and Macbook Pro and it worked a treat. Having been tested by me for game dev, my eldest for Sims 4, whilst watching YouTube videos (in bed) and my Youngest who played Roblox whilst on a video call with two friends, I can safely say its a hit in our house.

headphone stand

The Headphone Stand

I have often been jealous of those streamers and YouTubers with their fancy headphone stands so I took the plunge and went for a simple timeless design that looked solid. Crafted from solid aluminum, this headphone stand is both elegant and functionaland looks perfect next to any Apple Mac. The sleek and minimalist design complements any interior decor and the footprint is small enough to not get in the way if you are struggling for space.

Cable Tidy

An organised Workspace

In an attempt to keep my workspace organised I also went for their My Space Cable Tidy Mixed 3 Multi-pack and a pack of Cable Nuggets.

The Cable Tidy three pack include durable, long lasting three slot, four slot, and seven slot designs that support a wide variety of device cables and include easy to remove 3M adhesive backing to prevent any damage to your desktop

The Cable Nuggets are a simple and versatile solution that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are perfect for tidying up cable runs or holding charging cables when not in use. With their self-adhesive design, they can be easily attached to any surface, making them ideal for my snake pit of random cables.

cable nuggets

One good thing about the Desire2 kit is unlike the knock off copies you will find on Tik Tok, all these items are backed up with a three-year warranty and are built to last.

Overall, I’m really happy with laptop desk, headphone stand and cable tidy bits and found them easy to use and install. All boast simple cleans designs, are built from long lasting and durable materials and can fit with most aesthetics and styles. Desire2’s selection is top notch and the warranty gives buyers peace of mind.

desire2 haul

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