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Constance | Late 2025

Constance, a stunning 2D hand-drawn adventure from indie developer btf, is set to launch in late 2025. I have been following its progress on YouTube and social media and i’m happy to share its release window. This metroidvania game features a unique protagonist, a paintbrush-wielding artist, striving to escape a colourful yet decaying inner world shaped by her deteriorating mental health. A new trailer has been unveiled at the MIX’s Guerilla Collective digital showcase, giving gamers a glimpse of this artistic journey.


A World of Paint and Peril

In Constance, players will enter a beautifully crafted 2D world on the brink of ruin. As the protagonist, you must master paint-based mechanics to navigate and survive. Transform into paint to dive into the ground and walls, slice through the air and enemies, and employ various brush techniques. However, these powerful abilities come with a risk: overuse will corrupt your paint, potentially leading to complete corruption. Thus, players must find a balance to progress effectively.


Diverse Biomes and Rich Storytelling

The game features more than six unique biomes, each representing different aspects of Constance’s psyche and personal history. Players will encounter diverse enemies and characters, uncover secrets, and explore multiple paths. The nonlinear interconnected world is filled with side quests and collectibles. As you advance, unlock new brush techniques, defeat formidable foes, and solve intricate puzzles to uncover Constance’s past. The journey is not just about escaping the inner world, but also about understanding personal struggles, unlocking creativity, and finding inner purpose.


Developer Insights

Sebastian Drews, Game Director at btf, shared the vision behind Constance: “With Constance, we wanted to create a platforming adventure that does more than look and feel great – it tells a relatable down-to-earth story about overcoming self-doubt and finding self-acceptance. We wanted to create something simultaneously wondrous and familiar, that our players can see themselves in. We look forward to sharing more with you soon!”

Mark Your Calendars

Constance is set for a late 2025 release. Keep an eye out for more updates and prepare to dive into this beautifully hand-drawn adventure that blends artistic expression with engaging gameplay.

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