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The 5 Best Apps To Use at the Shopping Mall

Gone are the days when e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores existed in separate worlds.

In the past, an example of an online-offline crossover might be researching a purchase online and buying it in a store. But then came innovative powerful smartphones and apps, and the retailing world has never been the same.

After the credit card, would the iPhone be the new essential of shopping addicts?

Whatever the apps take the shape of, a digital purse, a shops directory or a shopping list, a new range of apps allows you to save time and money during your trip to the mall. Here is our Top 5 at Fueled.

Buy At The Best Price

“Nextag Shopping” is the must-have app if you want to optimize your spending at the shopping mall. The app features a lot of very efficient tools to not waste your money: scan any barcode to find the lowest prices in seconds, see product details and reviews from your favourite merchants, etc. You can also set up price alerts and sort your search results by price, rating, date, or popularity.


➤ Nextag Shopping

Shop Handsfree

Is your bulky collection of store discount cards weighing you down? Never carry it again. Download “KeyRing” and get all of those dangling cards transferred directly to your smartphone. All you have to do is use your camera to scan the barcode on each discount card and the app will automatically identify and store it in your phone. When you’re in the checkout line, just scan your code, and save yourself some cash. More convenient than searching the right card for hours in your bag, ladies.



Stop Wasting Food!

Grocery list apps offer a good alternative to pen and paper for handling your shopping list. Our favorite one is the very easy to use  “The Shopping List”. Wrapped into a beautiful design and an intuitive interface, you can sort your items into categories and organize your shopping trip. All products are saved into a database including the last entered amount and department and thus stand by for fast query next time.

➤ The Shopping List

Don’t Get Lost

“FastMall “ is a truly helpful app that allows you to find, then be guided turn-by-turn to restrooms, stores and restaurants at shopping malls around the world. Whether you’re looking for a specific shop, trying to find the nearest bathroom, or desperately searching for your car, Fastmall will help you find it. And as the network is sometimes unreliable in shopping malls, you can navigate any map without the need for GPS or WIFI.

➤ FastMall

Show Up At The Shopping Mall And Be Rewarded

If we told you that you could save tons of money simply by setting foot in a store, you’d probably laugh. Considered as the “Foursquare” of shopping malls, you should take a look at “Shopkick”. You can start accumulating so-called “Kickbucks” by checking in at select retailers, including Macy’s, Target and Best Buy. Once you’ve racked up the kickbucks, you can trade them in for gift cards, movie tickets and other goodies. The last update includes a brand new design that we love.


by Ludo Houdre of Fueled, a mobile app design firm in New York City that builds the webs most elegant and beautiful apps.

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