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How Close Are We To A True Cloud Gaming Experience

Many people dream of the days they will be able to game without all the gadgets, the leads and requirements for hardware. They want a true cloud gaming experience. New consoles are being released but not all offer cloud gaming options. Let’s look into the current state and future opportunities for cloud gaming.

Will we ever move from the consoles and hardware?

The Current Ways of Gaming

At the moment, there are two main options for gamers. They can either buy the consoles to play the game, whether that is an Xbox, a Nintendo, a PlayStation or a computer, or they can download iPhone games or apps for other smartphones and mobile devices. Tablet and phone games have their limitations and none of the big names for consoles are yet available.

The graphics currently suffer for apps like iPad games. The developers are focusing on bringing out more games for users who choose to play on the go but it is far away from the graphics needed for Far Cry, Assassins Creed and many of the other popular console games.

The Cloud Has Grown in Technology

However, recent additions to the cloud show the capabilities. Netflix and Spotify already show the capabilities of streaming music, TV shows and movies. It proves that this is possible for gaming too but the developers haven’t taken the time to do anything about it. New consoles are still being developed for people to enjoy gaming at home; on their TV screens. Even the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has stated that there are things cloud gaming cannot achieve but the public don’t realize that.

However, that doesn’t mean Nintendo, or other gaming developers, are ignoring the call for cloud gaming technology. Microsoft and Sony have already released information about new consoles that not only have CPU and RAM stores but also have cloud capabilities. Sony has reported that its consoles do it through legacy gaming, while the new Xbox One will need an optical disc drive.

All four could enjoy gaming with cloud technology

Combining Technology and Software Platforms

In April 2013, Gaming Anywhere was released. This is an open-source platform that allows new games to be tested in real time and providers can build their services based on these tested platforms. Users no longer have to buy the consoles but can play the games straight from their home computers, their tablet devices or on their smartphones.

Iwata stated that this is the direction Nintendo is taking. He doesn’t want to eliminate consoles as he doesn’t see it is realistic. He wants to integrate the software development methods, the assets, built-in software and operating systems. This allows for easier integration so assets can be shared, instead of spreading developers’ abilities too thinly.

Cloud gaming is becoming more of a reality. The developers know that this is the way that people want to play. There are still some limitations and there isn’t a halt on console development but there is more chance of integration. Soon, games that are available for the Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation could be available as iPad games, iPhone games or for the home computer through streaming and cloud technology.


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