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90’s Week: The Age of the Scrolling Beat-em-up

The ’90s was blessed with so many side scrolling beat-em-ups that arcades the world over were filled with the latest movie, comic and TV tie-in games. It was AWESOME! From the fantastic Aliens Arcade created by a company that had obviously not even seen the movie to the four-player majesty of x-men, Simpsons, and, of course, the Ninja Turtles.

For years many a kid pumped quarter after quarter into these machines in an attempt to finish the game and save the world/girl/themselves. Those lucky enough to have a Neo Geo could play most of the games at home, those with Super Nintendo’s and Sega Genesis machines could enjoy a few of the games and in more recent years… those with Mame on PC could pretty much play them all.

Anyway, I have gathered together 17 of the best side-scrolling beat-em-ups from the nineties and I would love to hear your thoughts and comments…

On with the show!

Aliens vs. Predator (Capcom)



The Punisher (Capcom)



TMNT IV: Turtles in Time (Konami)



Final Fight (Capcom)



Street of Rage 3 (SEGA)



Spider-Man and Venom: Separation Anxiety (Acclaim)



Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Gazelle)


Legend (Arcade Zone)

Beat em up - Legend



Knights of the Round (Capcom)



Comix Zone (SEGA)



The King of Dragons (Capcom)



Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara (Capcom)



Battletoads (Rare)



X-Men Arcade (Konami)



Denjin Makai 2 (Winky Soft)



Batman Returns (Banpresto)

And just because I can…

Aliens Arcade  (Konami)

It’s not really a beat-em-up as such (unless you count the load lifter level) but it just fits so nicely in this list of 90’s games I just had too…


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