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90’s Week: Leading Ladies of the 90’s

We finish off our 90’s extravaganza with a look at the leading ladies of the 90’s. Girl power was rampant and although the Spice Girls may have done nothing to forward the position of women in society, video games gave us some ‘kick ass’ dames that would fight for more that just their rights!

Okay, they may have been scantily clad, sexy, sassy and voluptuous but they could not only hold their own in a fight but also do some serious damage in the process.

The nineties gave us some of the most iconic female game characters in gaming history so far and below are just a few we know and love.


Tyris Flare – Golden Axe

The original leading lady from Golden Axe. This half Amazonian barbarian is not only gifted with a blade but also has magical powers that were bestowed upon her from the Great Dragon Titan himself enabling her to cast fireballs from the sky.


Chun Li – Streetfighter 2

Chun Li was the only female character in the original line up of Street Fighter 2. Chun Li was lighting fast with with a strong sense of justice and throughout the series she has always fought on the side of good.


Sonya Blade – Mortal Kombat

lieutenant Sonya Blade is one of the key members of a top US Special Forces unit. Sonya Blade is a beautiful, stern, tough-as-nails soldier and represents a very emancipated and head-strong girl, but for all her hotheadedness and pride, she obviously cares about the lives of her friends.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

No female gaming character has made as big of a splash than Lara Croft. This Indiana Jones style archeologist swung onto our screens in 1996 to an unprecedented reaction. Her arrival heralded the genesis on the 3D platform game and many a gamer were in awe of her bottom and triangular chest.

Samus Aran – Metroid

Samus is one of gaming’s most iconic characters, but is usually hidden inside her high powered suit. Created in a time when Nintendo didn’t just focus of the family market the Metroid series takes gamers on a darker journey where orphaned bounty hunter Samus brought up by peace loving bird like creatures.

Mali – Popful Mail

Mail (who is also regularly mispelled Mali) is a confrontational and determined bounty hunter who despite numerous efforts successfully capturing her nemesis, still gets invaded in the end.

Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

This highly trained STARS operative had big pockets and started with a handgun, making her the prime choice to start with in Resident Evil. Her slightly easier missions and great story meant that she soon became a huge hit with fans.

Fio Germi – Metal Slug

Fiolina Germi may have only appeared in Metal Slug 2 and not the original but she stood the test of time and appeared in all subsequent sequels. As a member of the Peregrine Falcon (PF) Squad she was just as strong, fast and resourceful as the rest of the squad.

Tam & Rit – Rodland

These fairies with big hair waste no time when they discover their mum has been taken to the top of a tower by an evil demon. Armed with their rods of maximum hurt they dispatch a myriad of cute monsters over 40 grueling levels… Cute, they may be, but when it comes to getting the job done, they are on it!

Yellow – Gunstar Heroes

Yellow is the only female member who assists the doctor and befriends the miniature natives conquered by the Empire. In the original game she is kidnapped by the Empire as a bargaining chip for the gems. In later games she is a much more pivotal character.

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