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Smite at Midnight | First Impressions | Xbox One

Off the cuff, freestyle opinion of Smite at 12 midnight.

19th August 2015 is the launch date for Smite on Xbox One. Here is my first impressions from my first play. I had the footage, I had an opinion, I thought I would throw it into the ring.

Smite is a popular MOBA that was previously on PC that allows up to 5 players online to join forces and take on the enemy. The game takes on the ‘traditional’ MOBA format with three channels or lanes in which players must travel down to reach the enemy base.

Smite offers a refreshing take on the MOBA genre as it moves the camera from a top-down perspective to a third person view.

The setting or theme of Smite is based around mythological gods and includes 51 gods from the muscle bound Hercules to Fenrir, the lesser known wolf god. There are standard characters, characters on rotation (to try out and characters that you can buy with real world currency.

Smite is an incredibly fun and addictive MOBA that is perfect for those who are looking to dip their toe into the MOBA genre.

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