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Game Jams to World Records | Jupiter Hadley Interview

With Game Anglia now a warm and fuzzy memory, I have had some time to gather some of the fantastic footage from the day and start editing it together into something wonderful. Over the next few weeks I will release the various interviews before the days presentations hit the digital airwaves.

Jupiter Hadley Interview

I caught up with the amazing Jupiter Hadley at Game Anglia in the UK and quizzed her about all things gaming.

We discussed game jams, indie gaming and her world record attempt to play the most video games by a single person ever! You’ll have to watch the interview to find out if she succeeded.

Who is Jupiter Hadley

Below is Jupiter Hadley’s Bio, ruthlessly stolen from her website:

My name is Jupiter Hadley and I am a person who loves indie games. Over the years I have been addicted to Neopets, Minecraft (had a server there for a while), Team Fortress 2, and Portal 2. I have a love for indie games, especially game jams. A pet peeve of mine is for games to not have arrow key control and not be windowed. I tend to record most of the indie games that I love on YouTube and even write about them on Fireside and AlphaBetaGamer but you can find some of my old articles on and I really love playing all the games in game jams and attempt to record all of the entries. From time to time I attempt to try and make little games (or just game making tutorials) using Game Maker.

I am a huge fan of Jupiter after watching her videos and meeting her at various video game events. I was thrilled to be able to get some time to really understand more about what she does, why she does it and what drives her to play so many games.

Tell Me More About Jupiter 

Subscribe to Jupiter’s fantastic channel here:…


What is this Game Anglia You Speak of?

For more information about the game developer event known as Game Anglia, click the link below:

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