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From Ubisoft to Indie Dev | Francisc Apostu Interview

Francisc is deeply analytical, utilizing design principles to solve problems of every type, blending his deep understanding of semiotics to communicate through the language of games. Starting in 2009 at Ubisoft, Francisc Apostu worked on titles such as Just Dance and then moved on to larger titles such as Watch Dogs 1 and 2. After that, he worked in the mobile market creating his very first award-winning mobile game – Link Twin. Francisc has worked across multiple platforms and genres, while also having a holistic understanding and interest in all entertainment fields and their potential to blend well with the traditional creative methodologies from architecture and design.

Francisc was on the remote development panel alongside Dan Da Rocha, David Housden, and Lynne Lui at Game Anglia. I was lucky enough to interview him about all thing video games, from Ubisoft to indie development. Having worked on both AAA titles and smaller ‘award-winning’ mobile games, he has seen the pros and cons of each career path.

Being the founder of No Moon, a creative gaming company is Burrarest, Francisc aims to drive the transition to a better economic system using new production principles, highly autonomous talent and unique game development processes whilst working remotely with professionals from all over the globe. The ultimate aim is to create breathtaking, simple experiences that trip deep emotional triggers, and to funnel everybody’s creativity and freedom from the comfort of their home.

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