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Video Games: The Influence on Students’ Essay Writing Activity

It will shock you to discover how much time students spend on playing video games than studying their books. While there is nothing wrong with educational video games, these activities can harm the lives of teens and students. 

Parents can help give the kids some direction by setting a fixed time for different important activities that will help the child make quality use of time. Excessive video games can have a negative impact on your child.

Video games are designed with good intent. All work and no play makes one a dull boy, and video games offer smarter ways to play and relax. However, when it comes to video games, there is a thin line between usefulness and absolute abuse. Most young users cross this line and never get back because of the addictive nature of video games.  

Video games can negatively affect the academic life of students, especially their essay writing skills. In this expository piece, we are going to leaf through the negative effects of video games and how they affect the essay writing skills of students.

Health Challenges

The exciting features and sounds that come with some of these things can keep students at video games for a long time. The long periods they stay playing those games keep them awake at nights and during most part of the day. Not only will they have less sleep, but they also put their eyesight at risk. 

To play games, they will have to sit in one position for a long time, and due to lack of mobility, this could lead to weight gain. As a parent, always try to limit the time your child sits with computer games and advise them to play outside to exercise their limbs more. 

Also, prolonged exposure of the eyes to bright screens does not only endanger the eyes but makes a student very tired and sleepy after long bouts of video games. Thus, it will be difficult to carry out research and write quality essays when you spend up to 12 hours playing video games.

Lack of Social Skills

Students who stay long on computer games will not have the time to interact with others and learn valuable social skills. The ability to understand other people and communicate with them effectively is developed only when kids socialize with teachers, classmates, and even with their parents.

When your child learns to enjoy being in the company of others, the child will feel happier and emotionally satisfied. Teach your kid to create to spend time with people and reduce the number of hours spent on computer games. 

Social skills are not only good for your kids, but it also gives them the confidence necessary to survive in a rapidly changing world.

Social skills are one of the most important writing skills each student needs to groom themselves academically. When you do not reach out to other students, it’s almost impossible to learn new tips and tricks on how to write good essays, and this will impact negatively on their general writing skills.

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Benefits of Computer Games

Computer games are not all that bad for your child. Some games can actually benefit your child academically and mentally. If you find your child playing computer games, it is wise not to be too quick to confiscate those gadgets. Kids learn a lot while engaged in meaningful and brain-drilling games.

Increased Intelligence and Academic Skills

Students can enjoy a lot of benefits from some of the games you watch them play. In fact, educational games can help your child gain some skills that can help in tackling some difficult subjects in school. 

Experts have observed that skills such as eye coordination, problem-solving skills, ability to think fast and multi-task are some of the gains of educational video games. These skills can come in handy for your child to make your child understand some of the terms and concepts used in school subjects. 

A good action to take is to find out whether your child is having problems with any subjects and provide educational computer games that can develop some specific skills in your child. Most math and reading games are fun and interesting, and you can pick the right one for your child among many available options. 

The Adverse Effects of Video Games and How It Relates To Essay Writing Services

Students who devote their time to frivolities like video games will have to option but to rely on a custom essay writing service provider in order to meet up with their academic schedules. While it’s not pure evil to use essay writing services, it is not wise to depend on them entirely and ignore your academic responsibilities.

Sadly, when you devote so much time and attention to video games, you will have no option but to constantly use the services of custom essay writers.

How to Reduce the Negative Effects of Computer Games

As a parent, you are the responsibility for making rules that are binding on all the people living in the house. Let your child know that there is a time for everything and that computer games are no exceptions. They should spend less time with their gadgets to have time for important things like house chores and homework. In fact, you can make a rule that rewards them a fixed time for computer games if they finish their chores or school assignments on time. Also, make sure you are a good role model when it comes to spending time in front of the screen instead of with family. Students learn from what they see, and parents are the closest people to their young kids.

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