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Quarantine Gaming: Stay Sane During Lockdown

The community-wide lockdowns are not only taking a toll on the economy, as well as the livelihood of people affected, but it is also taking a toll on mental health. This makes sense when you consider that we are social beings, and that we thrive on the interactions we share with other people. Even the people who deem themselves introverts need a certain degree of interaction. While it’s so easy to simply write off gaming as a distraction from the global pandemic, it serves a more significant purpose.

It Is An Avenue For Social Interaction

As previously mentioned, one of the most difficult aspects of a quarantine comes in the lack of social interaction among friends and support groups. It can get lonely really quickly, especially when you live alone. Multiplayer games give people a means to keep in touch with their friends; gaming communities can help create a sense of belonging. Even though they are virtual interactions, they help satisfy the human need to belong to a group and interact with others.

Gaming Helps Keep The Economy Afloat

Another danger that we face in light of the global pandemic is that the economy could collapse and millions of people could lose their livelihood. A report indicates that gaming is currently enjoying a usage spike of 75% amid lockdowns. More people are playing video games, which means that people are making purchases that help drive the economy. But that’s not all, a significant increase in gaming-related purchases also means that there is a spike in demand for customer service, which provides earning opportunities for those who are able to work for these companies. This also means that server host businesses like the ones found at Mangomatter are going to see a spike in traffic. The gaming sector is a relatively good place to weather market volatility.


Some Games Are Therapeutic

People respond differently to different stimuli. Some people may find comfort in playing JRPGs like the Final Fantasy remake, or in playing RTS games like StarCraft 2, which is now free to play, or even in how people find comfort in games like Minecraft and Animal Crossing. Even games such as COD: Warzone can satisfy the need for a competitive environment. 

Games Help Develop Skills

Games also help hone a wide variety of skills. Some of these skills include negotiating, critical thinking, and the ability to collaborate with other players, etc. This is especially valuable when you consider that one of the biggest challenges we are facing is the potential to lose the skills that we are no longer using because our jobs are temporarily shut down.

Video games provide a welcome distraction to the global pandemic, and they also keep us sane. Video games come in a wide variety of genres and platforms to suit all tastes. Mobile games, in particular, are easily accessible and they tend to be simple and easy to learn, even for non-gamers. So, stay home, but do what you can to stay sane while this pandemic passes.

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