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How to Write About Computer Games as a Professional Reviewer

Let’s assume you need to write a game review. Some people would be thrilled to receive an assignment like that. Others will immediately start to doubt their writing skills or gaming experience. Sure enough, writing like a professional game reviewer is not something one can learn on the first try. Many would rather run such an assignment by than deal with it on their own. Yet, there is hope. Sure, a professional writing service will do well here. Though, you may try to write about computer games as a professional reviewer by following these five tips first.

Focus on RTS

Find your niche 

Start by finding what games and genres you want to write about, including what audience you plan to attract. Defining your niche will help you develop a stronger appeal to readers. Also, you will have a specific game genre or style of writing to ease your journey. Narrowing down your focus will benefit you in the long run. First, you will always write about games you actually enjoy. Second, you will build an audience with shared interests, creating a close and supportive community. Lastly, you will evolve as a reviewer if you only stick to a single niche or two instead of spreading your attention across the entire gaming industry. 

Gather the data before writing

A reviewer pursues several purposes at once. They should inform the audience about the game, describe the gaming experience, compare it with similar games in the niches, and express their professional opinion. Thus, you don’t just play a game and tell whether you like it or not. A reviewer always provides a detailed breakdown of the entire game. You should be well-informed about the gaming industry with all its nuances, novelties, etc. A reviewer should also find meaningful, valid insights into the game they describe. 

So, you should be ready to research quite a bit before publishing an article. Who are the game creators? What are they known for in the industry? What other games have they released and were they a success? Who else worked on the game development? What is the story behind its creation? Were there any disputes between the creators and publishers? These questions will enrich your text, adding more value and meaning. 

Discuss Similar Games

Follow with a thorough analysis 

Breaking down games should be your craft now. Any professional reviewer should know where to pay attention and how to spot some new technologies or gaming approaches. Moreover, once spotted, you should be able to deliver those nuances to the audience. Overall, you owe the readers a thorough analysis of the game. However, it doesn’t have to be too detailed, overbearing, or simply boring. It’s up to you to choose the game’s most interesting, intriguing moments. 

Such a breakdown may have only several important details you’ve noticed. Yet, those should be enough to describe the game and outline its general style and atmosphere. Also, such an analysis should be consistent. So, you should touch upon all essential game elements, starting with the plot and graphics, ending with its engine, gameplay features, and even glitches, if there are any. 

A gamer should be fully aware of what to expect from the game after reading your review. Though, there should be room for mystery and intrigue. You may go into detail about the technical side of things, but leave room for imagination when writing on the overall gaming experience. 

Develop your writing voice 

Any reviewer wants to stand out among the rest. They want to be recognized and appreciated for the work they do. So, how to achieve such an ambition? Well, first of all, all writers should work on developing their writing voice. It’s a crucial step to becoming an authentic and strong writer. In short, a writing voice is your personal form of expression. It helps you be confident, original, and versatile with your word choices. Of course, such a task takes time and effort. Professional writers work on their voices for years. 

Aspiring reviewers can start by reading as many game reviews as they can. Try to notice the differences in styles, angles, and approaches. See how each writer presents themselves and their materials. It’s okay to start copying some writing elements that you liked in other works. Imitating is a normal first step in developing your own style. Fortunately, you can also find a service that will help you correct your writing choices and polish your texts. Just read this review to learn to recognize reliable sites. 

Overall experience 

A reviewer doesn’t always have to be unbiased. They are allowed to add their personal opinion or recommendation at the end of the article. In fact, they often rate the reviewed works. So, do add your opinion on the overall gaming experience. Did you enjoy the game? Would you recommend it to the general audience? Is there a specific type of gamer who will enjoy the product the most? People will take your recommendation close to heart, so think about what final judgment you want to share with the world.

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