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Review: KCream Gaming Chair

In the world of gaming chairs, cheap usually means poor quality. Well, I had a chance to review the KCream gaming chair (available on Amazon), and this one certainly goes against conventional wisdom.

The KCream chair retails for under $150 (April 2021), but it has many elements that are usually found on more expensive gaming chairs.

Right off the bat, I noticed how thick the seat cushion is on the KCream. It’s close to 5” thick, and extremely supportive. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who own cheap gaming chairs is how thin the seat foam is. This means after just a few weeks, you may start to feel the metal frame underneath as the foam craters in. There is no way this is going to happen on the KCream.


The upholstery on the Kcream chair has a satin feel to it, despite being made out of PU leather. You may have had the experience before of sitting in a PU leather chair that felt like sticky plastic wrap. This all comes down to the quality of the synthetic leather.

The Kcream chair comes with a plethora of features. They are:

  • Detachable neck and lumbar pillow: These are pretty standard, though the lumbar pillow actually comes with a vibrating massage function.
  • High reclining backrest: The backrest reclines back up to 160 degrees. It can also tilt, with tilt lock and tension control.
  • Armrests that pivot: The armrests can angle in and out to support your forearms at different positions.
  • Footrest: And last but not least, there is a wide footrest that comes out from underneath.

What you can’t glean from looking at the features list is the quality of the chair. This is a sturdy gaming chair that feels like it can support a heavy dude with no problems. There is no rattling or squeaking when I move around in the chair, and everything is well balanced. I read one reviewer on Amazon that complained the chair has a tendency to tip forward if you sit close to the edge- well, I can say I haven’t found that to be an issue, at least for myself.


One feature worth highlighting on the Kcream chair is the footrest.

Whether or not you like to recline in your chair or not, having a footrest comes in handy whenever you want to stretch out your legs. The footrest on this chair is well built and comfortable, though I wouldn’t want to rest my entire weight on it for safety reasons.

Let’s touch on dimensions now. The KCream feels slightly larger than your average size gaming chair. The seat measures 16” wide and 22” deep without the “wings”. The backrest is “33” tall.

The one complaint I do have about the Kcream chair are the armrests. The length is quite short, leaving ⅓ of my forearms hanging when I’m resting on them. They also move out of position too easily when pivoted. A lot of the time, I don’t even use the armrests, and just rest my arms on the desk because of these shortcomings.

Everything considered, the Kcream gaming chair is one heck of a bargain in my opinion. The quality is outstanding relative to the price. More importantly, it’s very comfortable despite the armrests.

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