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World Book Day Special: 20 things I didn’t know about Steve Jobs

As its world book day I thought I would post a couple of book related posts. So as you can probably guess by the title, I’ve started to read Steve Jobs autobiography. I thought it would be a good idea as I am a converted fan boy who preaches the word of the Mac to all and sundry. Previous to working in the graphic design industry I had been a PC user and saw no reason to switch. I remember my sister having a Mac but I was too young to appreciate it and was disappointed in the lack of video games. More recently however I have read Apple news wires intently and like many others, got all excited when new products were launched. I’ve had them all, iPods, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, Apple TV and the slew of accessories. But really I only really knew the bearded, black turtle neck wearing Steve of modern times. I thought his autobiography would give me a more rounded opinion as well as give me more ammunition to fire at the PC lovers out there.

20 chapters in and I am amazed at what I have read:

If you want the book, here is the link:

If not, he’s a few things I have learned…

  1. He was adopted
  2. He was regular drug user
  3. His middle name is paul
  4. He got a girl pregnant at 23
  5. He was robbed at gun point
  6. He was a Zen Buddist and strict vegetarian.
  7. He was one of the first 20 employees at Atari
  8. For the first few years of Apple he stunk as he didn’t use deoderant
  9. He robbed the ideal of a GUI of Xerox
  10. He named the 3rd apple computer LISA after his abandonded daughter
  11. He created the game Breakout
  12. He had a reality distortion field
  13. For a time he wanted to called the Apple Mac, the Apple Bicyle
  14. Jobs hired Ridley Scott to direct the first Apple Mac TV commercial.
  15. Whilst working on the Mac Jobs flew a Jolly Rodger atop of Texaco Towers
  16. He would often cry in meetings
  17. When the first Mac was launched it said Steve Jobs was like a father to him, and Steve cried.
  18. Steve commissioned Bill Gates at Microsoft to create Excel and Word for Mac.
  19. Steve pulled out of the Microsoft deal before shipping which allows
  20. Steve called Bill Gates in to his office to scream at him about Windows ripping off the Mac GUI.

And this is all in the first 20 chapters!

If I find out more, I will let you know.

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