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5 Eggs-Ellent Game Characters With A Easter Twist

Ah Easter is getting closer and closer. Well actually my local grocery stores seem to have had Easter eggs in them since January, but hey who cares. I have just put away a delicious Easter egg and it got me to thinking about some of the video game characters who have had a bit of a egg theme. Here are a few of my favorites.

Chuckie Egg – The Granddaddy Of Egg Games ! (1983)

Chuckie Egg was a game that was ported to pretty much every home computer system under the sun back in 1983. If it had a disc drive or a tape deck then I would put money on that there is a version of Chuckie Egg out there for it.

Anyway Chuckie Egg sees you playing the role of a hen. The idea of the game is that you need to collect a series of eggs in each level. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? But you are working against the clock. And there are other hens who seem to want you dead for some reason. Also you need to have pretty sharp platform skills. Chuckie Egg is a classic and for some reason it is not as fondly remembered as it should be.

Dizzy – The Adventurous Little Egg (1987)

Dizzy was a egg character who stared in a series of games that appeared on all computer and many video game consoles of the 80’s and early 90’s. He was created by the game studio Codemasters and during his heyday was one of the most popular gaming characters.

Dizzy has starred in many different adventures. For the most part his early games would see him trying to save his fellow egg shaped buddies. The games were very exploration and puzzle based. For example many times you would need to find a certain object to complete a task. Dizzy would also star in a couple of more action/platform orientated games as well. Dizzy is a series that many gamers have wanted to see brought back for many years now.

Billy Hatcher (2003)

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg was a game from Sega that was released exclusively on the Nintendo Game Cube in 2003. It would see a PC port a few years later. While no sequel has ever been made. Billy Hatcher has appeared as a character in the Sega All Stars Racing Games.
In the game Billy Hatcher is not an egg, but he is just a regular boy. A boy who has been trusted to wear the legendary chicken suit in order to free the six chicken elders from the evil Dark Raven. Billy uses giant eggs. He runs on top of them running over various things. Once the egg grows to a certain size it will hatch. And inside Billy can get a variety of goodies. For the few people who picked this up in 2003 this was an absolute gem that sadly never received the sales that it really did deserve.

Dr Eggman (1991)

Ah Dr Eggman or Dr Robotnik as most of us westerners knew his as for years. Anyway, I am sure everyone reading this knows that he is the arch-nemesis of one Sonic The Hedgehog and has had his butt kicked by the blue hedgehog for over 20 years now.

Dr Eggman has gone through some real changes since he was first introduced. In the Sonic Generations game that was released in 2011. We got to see the old version and the modern version. The classic Dr Eggman is much more fitting of the name with his big fat and rotund shape. At the end of the day you cannot have a section about egg-themed characters and leave out Dr Eggman.

Tiki Tori – Saving His Egg Bound Friends (2001)

Tiki Tori first shot to fame on the Game Boy Color back in 2001. The original game has been remade a few times now. I am sue this little fellows profile is about to shoot right through the roof when his next adventure is released on the Nintendo Wii U later in 2013.

Tiki Tori at its heart is a puzzle game. Your goal is to collect all of the eggs in a level in a certain amount of time. In this way, it is quite similar to Chuckie Egg. But a big difference here is that you can use tools to help you solve some puzzles. No matter what version of this game you play you are in for a eggs-elent time.

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