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20 more things I didn’t know about Steve Jobs

I’m still making my way through the Steve Jobs autobiography and I am currently in the 1997 phase of his life (chapter 30) where he has triumphantly returned to Apple after his success at Pixar. During the past 15 chapters I have learned another 20 things I had no idea about. I’m gonna share them with you below:

1. Steve was a founding member of Pixar.
2. He bought what was going to be Pixar from George Lucas
3. Jobs has a full sister he only met when he was 27
4. Steve dated the famous singer Joan Baez. Who also when out with Bob Dylan
5. Steve Jobs had actually been served by his father in a restaurant many time before both found out they were father and son.
6. Jobs asked Tina Redse to marry him and got turned down
8. Laurene Powell was a student who Steve presented to.
9. It was rumored that Steve’s wife Laurene actually targeted Steve and arranged to ‘bump’ into him
10. Steve asked Laurene to Marry him twice, once at new yer and for a second time the following Christmas.
11. Laurene was pregnant before they were married.
12. Steve’s bachelor party involved going to a vegan restaurant and then a bar where the 3 guys all sipped a single shot of tequila.
13. Steve was married to Laurene Powell in Yosemite National Park by his guru.
14. Steve’s new family home was on the same street as Google’s Larry Page and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg
15. Bill Clinton asked Steve what to do about the Monica Lewinsky issue and he told him to tell the people.
16. Apple sued Steve Jobs when he tried to make the Next computers
17. Steve Jobs paid 100k for one logo concept for his new company ‘Next’ after he left Apple
18. Whilst at a black tie dinner party Steve sold the king of Spain a computer
19. Steve Jobs currently holds 212 patents including the magnetic power tip and the power pack block.
20. Steve’s biggest PR mistake was to have a giant Bill Gates head on the screen behind him during a Mac World Event.

I think I am now at least two-thirds through and so I foresee a final ’20 things’ when I finally finish the book. At the present time I am surprised at how much I am enjoying it as the first half of the book really do portray him as a bit of a monster but out of all that chaos you’ve got to respect the man. It’s an inspirational book that makes you want to just do things properly…

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