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Microsoft Tanks Xbox One Announcement: Where They Went Wrong

It’s been three months now since the unveiling of Xbox One and during this time there has been a lot of changes, updates and general u-turns in their plans. Whilst many of the general gaming populous may not have followed the Xbox One story as intently as us I wanted to look back that first announcement and the subsequent updates.

Microsoft’s unveiling of their new Xbox One was far from a resounding success. It left gamers confused about just what the new console will require. In the midst of an announcement that seemed to repeat the word television over and over, Microsoft revealed that its new system is both a gaming machine and a media center. Some reviewers, however, are worried that this next generation console is too much of the latter.

Microsoft’s Marc Whitten was quoted as saying the biggest advantage of this system is its architecture. Designed to easily transition between games, apps, and live entertainment, the system combines Windows, Xbox, and a third operating system to allow the user to move quickly from one app to another. The company hopes that this will make the Xbox One a console that appeals to the average Joe just as much as to the hard-core gamer.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or a granny who needs a new media console, it’s important to keep in mind that an all-in-one media center has hidden costs. A basic cable and Internet subscription starts at about $60 per month, says Pair that with Xbox Live and other service like Hulu and Netflix and the overall monthly cost could be a lot for some consumers to handle.

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In addition to hidden fees, several other issues have plagued the system’s release. Gamers were worried that the system will require them to always be connected to the internet. This then changed to daily check-ins, which then changed to one initial update. Furthermore, people were also incredibly worried about how the system will affect their ability to play used or borrowed games. This then changed from digital only games to a more traditional disc based model, however, Microst has stated that they will re-visit the digital download discussion. Microsoft’s May 21 press conference was intended to be a platform for Microsoft to assuage these concerns, but their awkward delivery and vague promises has left gamers wondering what owning this new system will really be like.

When NBC News tried to find about more about the ‘always online’ issue, Paul Erickson from IHS Global Insight asked them to define “always online”. He continued to report that although the system may not always be connected, it must be constantly powered to accept the voice commands that can turn it on. He continued to point out that the console will will use its connection to access cloud-based content and to provide networked playing.

The potential flaws of the Xbox One were simply ambiguities at the beginning and three months later only a handful have bee fully explained and some have been simply retracted. As its release approaches, we hope more of these issues are further explained and hopefully resolved. In the meantime, gamers may be worried about the bigger issue coming out of the announcement — that perhaps the new console is so focused too heavily on the media experience and not enough of the gaming experience. The first ‘NFL – Fantasy Football’ focused advert is testament to that.


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