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More of the Best Airplay Enabled Games for Apple TV

The list of Airplay enabled games keeps growing as Apple TV expands its gaming offer. There’s been a lot of new games popping up, some that are of major interest. Take a look at some of the newest uncovered:


Asphalt 6+7

Asphalt 6 & 7 have both joined the roster of Apple TV games and none too soon. These racing games are a ton of fun, each boasting a number of different races in a variety of cities from New York to Monte Carlo. They transfer pretty well to TV, as most racing games would, and both have received really strong reviews for the iPhone so it only makes sense they’d be chosen.


Beat Hazard

While it might seem that music games overall are pretty tired, Beat Hazard breathes some new life into things. Not only is it out for the Apple TV but it can also be found on Steam. It brings your music collection into play, changing depending on the intensity of the music you listen to. You fly a spaceship and let your music boost your firepower as well as change the colorful backgrounds. It’s trippy, something like Geometry Wars (if not quite as visually distracting). And since your music is so easily accessible through iTunes on the Apple TV, the transition to the game is seamless.


Nova 3

N.O.V.A. is one of Gameloft’s most critically acclaimed franchises, which is saying something considering a lot of the bad press they get for others games. But the third installation, which was originally on both iPhone and Android, received a 83 out of 100 on Metacritic, which is pretty darn strong for an app game. It is definitely worth checking out for that alone.

N.O.V.A 3 is a super impressive first person shooter that really stretched the Android and IOS to its capacity. You don’t need to play the first two to get the swing of this installment and it’s beautiful. Definitely a good pick.


Rage HD

We all know Rage, and while the opinions on it have varied widely, it’s still a solid release from id Software.  It’s not a full version of the original Rage, but a spin off that might be one of the best looking games on the iOS so it ports well to television without looking stretched or grainy.  The plot revolves around the Mutant Bash TV channel which appears in the original game, but a lot of the game takes place


Metal Storm

If you’re into flight simulators, are into aircraft battles and love multi-player, Metal Storm  is that perfect combination of all these things. Flight games aren’t super popular nowadays, though they were really big back in their heyday of the early 90s. But those who love them can now battle friends on their Apple TV.
Max Adventure : Max Adventure has the comic style of a Disney or Dreamworks movie but the fun of any ridiculous monster survival game. It doesn’t seem like much at first but it’s one of those games you can easily lose hours to before you know it.


Pinball HD

Looks great, sounds great, and plays smoothly. What more can you ask from a pinball game? It’s been a long time since one has come out in recent years that was worth playing, this game really is beautiful. Too bad you can tilt the machine to keep from losing your ball.


Sky Gamblers – Rise Of Glory

More aerial combat, but in an old school plane? Sure, why not!  It’s definitely not as easy game, by any means, and some of the missions take much longer that you’d expect, but in effect that transfers better to playing at home on a TV rather than on a mobile device when you might not have the time to put in.


War Pinball

OK, did I say Pinball HD looked great? Because so does this game. What’s really fun is the 3 different tables are all based on classic war films; “Platoon,” “Navy Seals,” and “Missing in Action.” If you are a fan of one or all of these, you’ll get where the resemblances and references come in.


Ducati Challenge HD

High-speed motorcycle racing is the name of the game in Ducati Challenge. It’s a fairly new game, just released this past March originally for the iPhone 5. Graphically, it looks great, and for the speed, it runs smooth even on the mobile device so that means big things for the Apple TV version.



Scrabble is one of those games that has sold amazingly well in all its iterations. People play it and like-minded games (think Words with Friends) on their phones, Facebook, consoles, everywhere it is available. It’s up there with Uno as one of the top classics, so having it come to Apple TV just gives it another venue for people to play. And it makes it far more fun to play multi-player when you have people over.

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Risk is that classic board game you spend hours upon hours on, trying to strategically take over opponents, only to lose it all in a blinding rage and flip over the board. Or was that just me? Either way, that blinding rage after hours of patience can be experience again on your Apple TV against a computer or multi-player.


Touch Tanks 2

While Touch Tanks 2 is old in comparison to where the franchise is now (currently at number five), it’s still nice to see it appearing on Apple TV. Tank combat games are a niche but still popular and not many are available on a TV format.


Cro-Mag Rally

OK let’s end this list on a kind of ridiculous note. Cro-Mag Rally really is what it sounds like; cavemen (and women, let’s not discriminate) racing each other on go karts made of bone and hide. And hey, wheels! I guess we got past that invention at this point in the timeline. But it is a ton of fun to play and general has garnered positive reviews.

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